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Expand your class offerings with a 16 hour Hot Hatha teacher training.  Meredith is the creator of Hot Hatha Fusion & Hot Hatha Sculpt, which are designed to appeal to yogis and athletes alike.  These classes compliment a Bikram practice & will keep you excited and challenged as an instructor.


Want to see what the Hot Hatha program is all about?  Take a class with Meredith & chat with her after about the trainings.



A fusion of Vinyasa yoga, strength moves, and resistance training.  Classes range from 60-75 minutes with focus on proper form and alignment, while set to upbeat and motivating music.  The results are longer, leaner and more pliable muscles with increased cardiovascular capacity.

In the 16 hour training, your students will learn:

  • How to sequence both a 60 and 75 minute Hot Hatha Sculpt Class

  • Proper form of the resistance training and weighted exercises

  • Effective cueing of alignment of the yoga postures in the
    Hot Hatha Flow

  • How to create a playlist and teach a musically driven class

Included in the 16 hour training are 3 public classes taught by Meredith. 

Prerequisite for the training: certified vinyasa or Bikram teacher, group fitness instructor or personal trainer.



Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training

Weekend One:
Friday June 3 •  7:15–9:15pm
Saturday June 4 • 1:30–5:30pm
Sunday June 5 • 1:30–5:30pm

Weekend Two:
Friday June 10 • 7:15–9:15pm 
Saturday June 11 • 1:30–5:30pm
Sunday June 12 • 1:30–5:30pm 

Cost: $480