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  • Meredith Evangelisti

Super Smooth Hummus

Want to know the secret to super smooth hummus? Peeling the skin off the chickpea. I know it sounds so tedious right? It isn't though trust me.

What I used:

1 15 oz box of chickpeas, skin removed

1/4 C of fresh lemon juice

1/4 C well stirred tahini

1 small garlic clove

2 T olive oil

1/2 t ground cumin

Salt to taste

What I did:

I peeled the skin off the chickpeas by simply lightly pinching the end and the chickpea jumped right out. I set them aside while I combined the lemon juice and tahini in the food processor and processed for 1 minute. I them scraped the sides and continued to process for another 30 seconds. I added the olive oil, garlic, cumin and salt to this mixture and processed again for another 30 seconds. I then added the chickpeas and processed for a final 1 to 2 minutes until it was smooth.

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