Sao Miguel,
Azores Portugal
October 20 - 25, 2022

Visit the "Green Island" with Meredith for 5 days of yoga, hiking and adventure!

SEPT 2022

Join Meredith for a extended weekend full of fitness, yoga and culture of the Netherlands.


"My husband and I took a chance and decided to go on one of Meredith's yoga retreats in the Azores in '21.  We arrived only knowing Meredith and left having 17 new friends.  We had so much fun being with people who like to do the same things as us - travel, do yoga, hike, eat good food, laugh, etc.   We enjoyed it so much we signed up for the next trip to Amsterdam '22:  Thank you Meredith for making the trip so much fun!!"

- Barbara Joseph, 1 retreat


“I really enjoyed the retreat.  Lost a few lbs every trip but gain it back in no time so we need to joining you to the retreat.”

- Stanley Wong, 6 retreats

“Looking for a memorable excursion that consists of practicing yoga, eating great food, visiting places that you could only dream of, hiking to sites that would give you breathtaking views, and being worry free of logistics...if that sounds appealing, come to one of Meredith's retreats.  You will forever be hooked, my 7th retreat is less than 4 months away.”

- Evelyn Wong, 6 retreats


"You come as strangers, and leave as family.  You come practicing your yoga, and leave with a fondness for another!  You eat amazing food,  drink great wine and see the sites like a local.  (Mer speaking Italian was a lifesaver).  This trip was the perfect reset for my mind, body and soul, and I can't wait to see my family again in Amsterdam this fall!!

LA vacanza perfetta!"

- Christine Moratz, 2 retreats